Janis and Jose – Graniteville

Janis and Jose were first-time homebuyers looking forward to making the move to Staten Island from Brooklyn. My constant guidance and communication in Staten Island’s competitive real estate market were imperative in striking a deal and finding their perfect lifestyle fit in a home.

This is what the Happy Clients had to say about their home buying experience:

“Holly helped my husband and I purchase our first home and we are incredibly happy with her services. She is extremely knowledgable of Staten Island and took the time to understand our needs. Holly was very patient with us and showed us many homes. It was easy to communicate with her via text, email, and phone and her responses were always immediate. She guided us through the entire home buying process and when we found the perfect house, and she helped us make an offer that the seller accepted. Holly was vital to us in this competitive New York real estate market! She was extremely helpful and remained readily available through the closing process. Even after we have purchased our home I know that I can count on Holly for any of our home repairs and updating needs as her resources seem endless.”

Welcome to Graniteville, Janis & Jose!


Graniteville was originally named Bennett’s Corners and Fayatteville. During the mid-to-late 19th-century trap rock quarries were opened and the area was called Granite Village, but later changed to Graniteville.
Graniteville is located on the Northwestern area of Staten Island, bordering neighborhoods of Mariners Harbor, Elm Park, Westerleigh, and Bullshead. After the opening of the Verrazzano Bridge in 1964 residential development was bustling in this once rural area with commercial development starting along Richmond Ave.


Homes For Sale In Graniteville HERE.

Just Sold! Spectacular Luxury Duplex in Bay St. Landing, Staten Island New York 10301

Holly’s Staten Island Buzz Realty understands that buying a home can be stressful and exciting all at the same time. Once you’ve put down roots in a community, the idea of relocating elsewhere – even within the same city – may seem like a daunting task. Fearing the unknown can work against you purchasing a new property and that reluctance to step out of your comfort zone can result in a missed opportunity.  So, have you ever asked yourself – “What would it take to get me to move?” Check out what just sold in Saint George! A Spectacular Luxury Duplex in Bay St. Landing, Staten Island New York, 10301.

We received a phone call from a couple who was requesting a showing at Bay Street Landing. The woman said it would have to be “a very special home” to convince them to leave their current address of 26 years. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! Holly’s Staten Island Buzz Realty knew we had the perfect property in a location they just could not resist – Bay Street Landing in historic Saint George! 


Historic St. George & Bay Street Landing:

Home to the Staten Island Ferry terminal, St. George is a vibrant community on a hill that’s infused with charming Victorian homes, a bustling downtown strip, the borough’s municipal buildings, and trendy restaurants. With the grand opening of Empire Outlets in downtown St. George it’s New York City’s first and only outlet mall featuring 100 designer outlet stores! 

Holly’s Staten Island Buzz Realty, Inc. is proud to assist our clients with purchasing waterfront properties in this dynamic area! With all the amenities included in this north shore community, we knew 48 Bay Street Landing would absolutely compliment the buyers’ current lifestyle and careers while providing them with the potential for a great financial investment. 


A Home That Matches A Lifestyle

Located on the waterfront with spectacular views of the Manhattan Skyline and the Verrazano Bridge, our clients loved the ambiance and convenience of being minutes away from the Staten Island Ferry. They could not resist all St. George had to offer and ultimately decided to leave their previous residence of 26 years to purchase one of the most spectacular and luxurious duplex homes Bay Street Landing has to offer! This magnificently renovated luxury duplex transformation of 2000 sq.ft., including 2 + bedrooms and 2.5 baths is one of the largest units in this co-op building. This property contains a breathtaking grand entrance, soaring 18 ft. ceilings and a dramatic overhead mezzanine. The sellers preserved the original century ceiling architecture, ductwork, and timber beams. Every stone of the original brickwork was also cleaned and restored to highlight its natural beauty. Our new buyers will enjoy fabulous water views and stunning sunsets in a home that matches their lifestyle while enjoying the all amenities Bay Street Landing has to offer. 

Amenities include a gym, tennis courts, barbeque area, basketball court, dog run, and playground. Minutes to the free ferry, the New Empire Outlets, restaurants, St.George Theatre, Staten Island Yankees Ballfield, Lighthouse Museum, and the future Lighthouse Point. Enjoy luxury living in this prestigious gated community, 24-hour security and includes 1 parking space. The amazing home’s outstanding flow and energy are a delightful treat for the soul! Much happiness to the new owners! Welcome to Bay St. Landing!



Interested in exploring properties in Bay Street Landing? Does the charm and convenience of historic St. George appeal to your home buying needs?

Then check out my current listing at 10 Bay Street Landing, another SPECTACULAR DUPLEX TOWNHOUSE FOR SALE! It’s a magnificent 1150 sq.ft, 1-bedroom mezzanine unit with 2 baths. 15ft. + soaring ceilings, a tremendous walk-in closet, and custom wall to wall bedroom cabinets right in the heart of the North Shore. LOW MONTHLY MAINTENANCE FEE and an assigned parking space included in your purchase.

Click Here 

Another AMAZING LUXURY DUPLEX FOR SALE! A totally renovated oversized 1 bedroom mezzanine conversion to a 2 bedroom/office space. Fabulous PANORAMIC WINDOWS with Spectacular Manhattan skyline, New York harbor views.


Minutes to the Ferry, near buses, restaurants, shopping & schools. Quick & easy commute to Manhattan and conveniently located near the New Empire Outlets, St. George Theatre, Staten Island Yankees Ballfield, Lighthouse Museum, and the future Lighthouse Point! 

You don’t want to pass up these amazing properties! 


More about Holly’s Staten Island Buzz Realty

Buying or selling a home is an exciting yet stressful time, so finding the right realty is an extremely important decision. We believe that there are two kinds of Real Estate professionals: those who understand the emotional and financial complexity of selling and buying a home, and those who don’t. If the idea of buying or selling a home is perplexing to you, look no further: we work with integrity and knowledge to guarantee that your experience is unmatched.
Don’t hesitate to contact us on Facebook or Twitter, and be sure to visit our about page. Holly can also be reached by email Find out why our clients keep recommending us as their Staten Island Real Estate company of choice! I look forward to meeting up with you soon!
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10 Little Known Facts About the Verrazano Bridge

The Verrazano Bridge

As one of the most iconic Staten Island landmarks, the Verrazano Bridge provides millions of commuters with safe passage to the outer boroughs. Homes for sale near the Verrazano Bridge offer a multitude of convenience and some of the borough’s most gorgeous views. The structure was named after Italian Giovanni da Verrazzano who was the first European explorer to sail the Atlantic coast of North America. Unfortunately, New York City officials misspelled the bridge’s namesake using only one “z” in the spelling of the name in its 1964 unveiling. In October 2018, the spelling error that had spanned decades was finally corrected when Governor Cuomo who agreed to add a long-lost “z” to Staten Island’s Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge Grammatical errors aside, the bridge has a long and interesting history.

Here are 10 little-known facts about the Verrazano Bridge

01.) It was one of the fastest bridges ever built! The Verrazano only took five years to complete. This was a sharp contrast to the Brooklyn Bridge which took almost 16 years from start to finish.

02.) Close to 7,000 residents in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn were displaced to make room for the construction of the Verrazano. Thanks to eminent domain these Brooklynites were forced to move to other areas of their borough, with some choosing to relocate entirely to Staten Island.

03.) The Verrazano is the world’s heaviest bridge weighing a whopping 1,265,000 tons!

04.) On the day of its original opening, the cost of the toll was $0.50. It now costs commuters $17.00 to cross one way.

05.) The Verrazano Bridge was designed by architect Othmar Amman. Amman went on to design 5 additional New York City area bridges including the George Washington, Bayonne, Triborough, Bronx Whitestone, and Throgsneck.

06.) The upper and lower decks of the Verrazano did not open at the same time. The upper deck opened in November of 1964. However, the lower deck wasn’t opened until five years later in 1969. The reason for two decks? To accommodate the massive amount of traffic influx as people began to call Staten Island home.

07.) Surprisingly, animals have caused a lot of issues on the Verrazano Bridge. With Staten Island’s rising deer population, it’s no wonder a few have ended up attempting to cross the historic bridge. In addition, peregrine falcons have nested on the Verrazano for years with New York City’s Environmental Protection officials working in conjunction with the MTA to ensure these birds are kept safe.

08.) Regular maintenance of the Verrazano Bridge is a must. It takes approximately 11,530 gallons of paint to help protect the bridge and keep it looking beautiful despite New York City’s harsh weather elements.

09.) On June 28, 1976, the world’s largest American flag was hung on the Verrazano Bridge to celebrate our country’s bicentennial. However, the designer did not consider the force of the wind across the structure and the 71,000-foot flag became shredded in just a few hours.

10.) It cost approximately $320 million to build the Verrazano Bridge in 1964. In 2019, the comparable cost would be close to 3 billion dollars, a substantial difference.

Interested in homes for sale near the Verrazano Bridge? Holly’s Staten Island Buzz Realty Inc. is dedicated to addressing all your realty needs in the borough we love. As a native Staten Island, Holly Wiesner Olivieri has called the north shore home for her entire life. Are you ready to work with a realty firm that is committed to the Staten Island community and its unique history? Contact Holly’s Staten Island Buzz Realty 60 Bay St. Suite 701 Staten Island N.Y.10301 Today! Office: #718-702-6848 or #917-414-0847

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Danny & Natalia – St. George

Danny & Natalia were looking for a home on Staten Island’s North Shore, in the booming neighborhood of St.George. Their new home had to accommodate their busy lifestyle. With unexpected challenges along the way, I guided them with my experience, knowledge, and patience to make their home buying experience come together.

This is what the Happy Clients had to say about their home buying experience:

Can’t say enough great things about Holly. She is very knowledgeable, approachable and personable. She is very honest and treats each listing like if it was her buying the property. She had great suggestions and answered every question, leaving us at ease. I definitely would recommend Holly to anyone wanting to buy or sell their home.

Welcome to downtown St.George, Danny & Natalia!

Located on the northeastern tip of Staten Island, where the Kill Van Kill enters the New York Bay. Close to Manhattan and in addition offering you affordable space to live and work. Every day some 92,000 people ride the Staten Island Ferry. Enjoy the Free ferry ride with spectacular views of the Statue of Liberty and the Manhattan skyline. You can hop a bus or train right from the ferry terminal. The St. George area provides the perfect balance of culture, arts, and history. Come visit and see why many are calling it home!

Learn more about St. George, here.

5 Home Maintenance Tips For Winter

As mother nature becomes prepared to move from fall to winter, Holly’s Staten Island Buzz Realty wants to help you tackle some important household maintenance tasks that will ensure your house stays safe and warm during these cold weather months.

From the attic to the basement, “Holly’s 5 Winter Home Maintenance Tips” will save you money on your energy bills, keep your hoses and faucets from freezing, and help your heater hum with efficiency. So, grab your toolbox and get started on these December chores, courtesy of your neighborhood North Shore realtor.

Tip #1: Insulate Exposed Water Pipes: A frozen or burst pipe is a very unpleasant winter surprise, so it’s a good idea to insulate water pipes in a crawlspace to reduce the chance of freezing.

Tip #2: Winterize Outdoor Spigots: It’s important to drain and cover outdoor hose faucets to prevent the pipes and spigot from freezing.

Tip #3: Disconnect Those Garden Hoses: Now is the time to head outside and drain your garden hoses before freezing weather arrives. Hoses left attached and full of water can be ruined if the water freezes and splits the hose.

Tip #4: Insulate Drop Down Attic Stairs: While you’re in the attic, don’t forget the attic stairs! Drop down attic stair ladders are notorious for leaking precious heated air into the attic and reducing the energy efficiency of your home.

Tip #5: Replace Your Furnace Air Filter: The air filters on your HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) system needs to be replaced every 1-3 months to keep the air in your home clean and flowing freely. A high-quality air filter is the best choice to remove mold, pollen, and other microscopic particles from the air.

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We are committed to working towards helping your family achieve their real estate goals Winter – Spring – Summer – or Fall! Contact Holly’s Staten Island Buzz Realty 60 Bay St. Suite 701 Staten Island N.Y.10301 Today! Office: #718-702-6848 or #917-414-0847

Willy & Melva- Graniteville

Holly poses with a happy client while holding an over-sized "Sold" sign

My goal was to prepare Willy and Melva’s home for the best show and value! Providing home design tips, neighborhood knowledge, updated data and staying in communication constantly made for a successful home sale.

This is what the Happy Client had to say about their home selling experience:

My wife and I wanted to interview a few realtors before deciding on one. Holly was the first and only realtor we interviewed. She came so well prepare and had already had done research on similar properties in the neighborhood. She advised us on what value we can expect and also the current demand on properties which was really helpful on pricing our home. The house was sold above asking price due to her experience as a realtor in the Staten Island market.

John & Jennifer- Silver Lake

Happy Couple Holding a "SOLD" Sign Celebrate in front of their new home

John and Jennifer were excited to start their home search on Staten Island’s North Shore after the arrival of their precious Baby girl! I was committed to finding Jennifer & John a home that fit their specific needs, and dedicated to negotiating the best price and terms to make the deal happen!

This is what the Happy Clients had to say about their home buying experience…..

Holly is professional, knowledgeable, and responsive. She understood our needs and steered us towards properties that met our requirements. She is very patient. She wasn’t just interested in selling us A house. She wanted us to find THE house. She even offered assistance post-close. She helped us find contractors and I can still rely upon her for assistance. You don’t just get a realtor with Holly. You get a friend.

7 Fall Home Selling Hints For Staten Islanders

Fall Leaves in the sky with a cloud and a sunburst with the Holly's Staten Island Buzz Realty logo

FALL is our favorite season at Holly’s Staten Island Buzz Realty! The cooler weather and falling leaves create the perfect backdrop for embracing family traditions like apple picking and pumpkin carving. While spring is considered the “peak” real estate season to sell a home, the romanticism of fall can absolutely help maximize your bottom line. As your trusted realtor, we’ve put together a list of “7” Fall Home Selling Hints for attracting autumn homebuyers.

Tip #1: Bring in the Light: As the days get shorter, the sun sets earlier, making homes appear darker. Adding extra indoor light with floor lamps and battery-operated candles can help brighten up a home. Consider solar-powered landscape lighting for outdoors.

Tip #2: Flexibility Sells a Home: Cooler weather means more outdoor activities for families. It helps to be flexible with showings, which may include evenings and weekends. As your realtor, we aim for minimal disruption and optimal results.

Tip #3: Too Much Seasonal Decorating Can Hurt: As you decorate for the holidays, remember less is more. Potential buyers need to see themselves in your home and too much seasonal décor can be distracting.

Tip #4: Show Them Your Cozy: Help potential buyers see the cozy corners of your home. Light fireplaces and show off finished basements for hang out space. Let them know they could spend a few cold months comfortably indoors.

Tip #5: Check the HVAC: You want the air inside your home to smell fresh. Have you HVAC system checked before you need to turn on the heat. If you discover problems with the furnace, it’s better to fix them before your home goes on the market.

Tip #6: Prepare Some Autumn Edibles: Bring autumn scents indoors! Set out freshly baked pumpkin cupcakes or simmer hot apple cider on the stove. Put a tray of cinnamon sticks on the counter, prop open a cookbook to an autumn stew, or fill a bowl with crisp red apples.

Tip #7: Make Your Windows Sparkle: Rain and wind from over the summer months can make your windows dusty or streaked by autumn. You might not notice smudges, but your buyers will. To sell your home, make your windows sparkle.

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Whatever the season, Holly’s Staten Island Buzz Realty is here to represent “you.” We are committed to working towards helping your family achieve their real estate goals 24/7, 365 days a year.

Contact Holly’s Staten Island Buzz Realty 60 Bay St. Suite 701 Staten Island N.Y.10301 Today! Office: #718-702-6848 or #917-414-0847

7 Home Selling Hints For Staten Islanders

Hand Holding a Small White Birdhouse
They say, “You only get one chance to make a first impression.” At Holly’s Staten Island Buzz Realty, we understand selling your home can be stressful. We can help you diminish some of that anxiety by teaching you ways to prepare your home for potential buyers. As an experienced realtor, I know the process of “staging” property is vitally important! From the moment, you commit to marketing your home for sale, our firm will commit to transforming your home into a place that potential buyers can easily picture as their own. As part of our realty services, you will have our undivided attention, guiding you through every step of the home selling process.

This summer, Holly’s Staten Island Buzz Realty offered “7” fantastic Home Selling Hints on our Instagram Page. You can set the stage for success with these tips for selling your home, and we guarantee you will see results — FAST.

Tip #1: Make Your Home Sparkle: Presentation is everything. Buyers love clean and spacious homes. If you really want to dazzle them, brighten your home by removing clutter from countertops, tables, and rooms. Scrub down your house from top to bottom. Make it sparkle.

Tip #2: A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words: If you are taking a photo of your home, be sure that the home’s yard and driveway are uncluttered. Remove bikes, garbage cans, and parked cars. The same applies for interior shots. People are looking to buy your home, not your possessions. Rely on me, as your realtor, to help you prepare your home to be “picture perfect” both inside and out.

Tip #3: Make or Offer Something Yummy: Realtors don’t put out fresh cookies just to treat buyers. A “homey” smell like baking cookies or bread can help people connect with a kitchen. Not a baker? Fake it with a scented candle.

Tip #4: Maintain A Good Flow: The last thing you want is people bumping into furniture as they tour your home. It disrupts their focus and makes your place look cramped. Do a dry run as though you’re are seeing your home for the first time and tweak anything that interrupts the “flow.”

Tip #5: Highlight Focal Points: Draw buyers’ eyes towards any special features with bright colors or accents like plants. A pop of red throw pillows can draw a buyer’s attention to that lovely window seat. A striking fern on the mantle can show off your fireplace. Accentuate the positive.

Tip #6: Make Your Bathroom Feel Like a Spa: Create the feel of a relaxing spa by stacking a few pretty washcloths tied with a ribbon. Add some scented candles and faux plants. Buy bath mats and towels in coordinating tones such as light green, blue or white.

Tip #7: Boost Your Curb Appeal: Don’t spend all your time indoors. Trim your shrubs, weed your flowerbed, fix any peeling paint, and keep the walkway clear. Just adding a row of potted plants along the walkway or a cheerful wreath for your front door can make a big difference.

Feeling more confident about selling your home after reading these tips? Are you ready to work with a realty firm that puts their clients first? Contact Holly’s Staten Island Buzz Realty 60 Bay St. Suite 701 Staten Island N.Y.10301 Today! Office: #718-702-6848 or #917-414-0847

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Staten Island Home Buyers Wanted!

Looking to buy a home on Staten Island? Holly’s Staten Island Buzz Realty will provide you with a FREE buyer’s consultation. Our consulting assesses your goals, needs, and fears so we can guide and educate you through the entire home buying process.

Holly’s Staten Island Buzz Realty wants to listen to YOUR story. Understanding what motivates your home buying aspirations equally motivates us to find you the perfect property!

At its heart, our unique, FREE, professional consultation is about offering transparent choices. As an experienced realtor, I can provide you with a thorough needs analysis and then offer responsible options in how those needs can be addressed. Together, we will explore three main areas:

    1. Plan: Holly’s Staten Island Buzz Realty will help you determine a best-for-you timeline and create checklists of what to do and when during the home buying process.
    2. Strategize: Guided by my expertise, we will strategize how to maximize your budget, attain your desired location, and find a property that will provide the maximum return on your investment.
    3. Finalize: Once we’ve found your dream home and locked down a contract you can be happy with, I’ll share in your celebration as I hand over your keys!

How do you know if you could benefit from Holly’s Staten Island Buzz Realty Free Consultation?

  • Are you a homeowner who’s trying to decide whether to “move or improve” and wishes they could get an experienced, objective opinion?
  • Are you a first-time buyer who isn’t sure they’re ready to purchase a home, but would like some guidance on the market?
  • Did a past experience with another broker leave you feeling disappointed because they couldn’t get the job done?

No matter where you are in the process, there are no judgments here. Let me draw you a personal roadmap, starting with the end in mind, mapping out the most direct route to help you achieve your home buying goals.

Contact my office today to set up your FREE Consultation. Office: #718-702-6848 or #917-414-0847

Remember, our personalized home buying service keeps your goals and needs our number one priority! Choose Holly’s Staten Island Buzz Realty, 60 Bay St. Suite 701 Staten Island N.Y.10301.

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