Should a buyer be concerned that Cypress trees are too close to the house? During a recent inspection on Staten Island… Cypress trees were a concern.The buyer wanted to know… do these cypress trees need to be removed? I conducted my own research on the matter….the Cypress tree on the left side of home was biggest concern….being closer to the  house.


I Spoke to experts who looked over the situation….the tree on left has 50% dead branches.It was advised to remove all dead branches and keep tree …..or take down tree totally. The tree on the right appeared healthy as did the one on the left. As far as being a concern in strong winds……these trees are not abundant with foliage, ex.Bradford Pear tree. Therefore the wind blows through tree branches. On the other hand a Bradford Pear tree would be a concern, because of the dense foliage….foliage blocks the air flow.  Provided with expert information….the new Staten Island home owner can now decide how to approach this situation. The aesthetics of trees certainly adds to the natural beauty in an outdoor landscape……which in turn provides shade and healthy living.


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