PS 35


Located in Sunnyside at 60 Foote Avenue, PS 35 is also known as The Clove Valley School. A zoned public elementary school with approximately 375 students in grades K – 5, The Clove Valley School offers a wide range of school and family activities that align with their “Kids Come First” mission.

For more information, visit their website at

Staten Island Homes Near The Verrazano Bridge: South Beach

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Looking for a Staten Island home near the Verrazano Bridge? Look no further than South Beach, a neighborhood frequently sought after due to its prime location near public transit with close access to the Verrazano Bridge. Enjoy an easy commute to Manhattan and Brooklyn and a summer haven for beach bathers and tourists.


South Beach is located on Staten Island’s East Shore, directly south of the Verrazano Narrows Bridge.


South Beach was actually the site of the first permanent settlement on Staten Island. The Dutch settlement was started in the early 1600’s, and was called “Oude Dorp,” which means Old Town in Dutch. Its flat land and easy access to the bay made it an ideal settlement. After that, it evolved into a summer beach colony of bungalows and tents, and was referred to as Graham Beach. By the early 20th century, it consisted of a development known as Bungalowtown where small amusement parks and arcades once flourished. Two hospitals- Staten Island University Hospital and the South Beach Psychiatric Center, are located at the edge of the neighborhood.


Although many South Beach residents take the Verrazano Bridge to Brooklyn or Midtown Manhattan, there are several local and express buses that serve the area. The S78, S51/81 and S52 travel to St. George, and the S79 travels between the Staten Island Mall and Bay Ridge Brooklyn. There are also many express buses that provide service to downtown Manhattan, Midtown, and Battery Park City. All of the local and express buses that service the area can be accessed along Hylan Boulevard or Father Cappodano Boulevard.

Types of Homes

South Beach housing consists of single-family homes, new town houses, semi-detached colonial homes, and two-family homes. Check out homes in South Beach and the surrounding area near the Verrazano Bridge.

Neighborhood Attractions

The South Beach Boardwalk is no doubt the main attraction of the neighborhood, spanning over 1.7 miles and attracting everyone from walkers, joggers, cyclists and even those just wanting to catch the sunrise. Attractions along the boardwalk include the Ocean Breeze Fishing Pier, the lifeguard manned beach suitable for swimming and sunbathing, the recently opened Fantasy Shore Amusement Park, and a variety of snack bars and restaurants such as the South Fin Grill.

For shopping and retail, Hylan Boulevard provides South Beach residents quick access to shopping, entertainment, retail and other needs, including several bakeries, restaurants, grocery stores and markets.

Last but certainly not least, Ocean Breeze Park Track & Field Athletic Complex is a new addition to the neighborhood, which is scheduled to open this coming April. The facility will have an elite-level hydraulically-banked competition track, cardio and fitness rooms and a covered parking lot, among other features.


Most children of South Beach attend PS 39 Francis J. Murphy, or PS 46 Albert V. Maniscalco. Both schools serve children grades Pre-K through grade 5. There are no public middle or high schools in the neighborhood, but students often travel to nearby IS 49 Bertha A. Dreyfus, or PS/IS 48 William C. Wilcox  for Intermediate School and New Dorp High School or the all-boys Monsignor Farrell High School for high school. The prominent all-girls Catholic schools of St. John Villa Academy and St. Joseph Hill Academy also provide education for girls of all ages and are in the general area.


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Staten Island’s St.Patrick’s Parade 2015, A North Shore Tradition!

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Staten Island’s 51st Annual St.Patrick’s Parade, a North Shore tradition is this Sunday March 1st, 2015 on Forest Ave. in West Brighton. The festivities kick off at 12:30pm at the intersection of Forest Ave. & Hart Blvd.

Who doesn’t love a parade? The St. Patrick’s Parade is a North Shore Staten Island tradition for everyone of all ages and backgrounds. Nothing makes a community come alive like a parade! What a great opportunity to connect to Staten Island’s North Shore community.

Staten Island residents, Politicians and over a hundred organizations attend the parade annually. It’s a day to enjoy the traditional spirit while connecting to old and new friends! Why not join in the warm community feeling and checkout some great restaurants, pubs, and coffee shops just to name a few great places along the Forest Ave. strip.

I look forward to the Staten Island St.Patrick’s Parade every year! It’s a feel good day… to chat and connect to the Staten Island North Shore community! Come join us at the parade, I look forward to seeing you there!


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Investors Love Staten Island Real Estate, High-Rise Coming To St.George!

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If there is anything I enjoy writing about it is all of the recent developments taking place on Staten Island’s North Shore. Investors love Staten Island real estate and see the fantastic potential in St. George! You can read more about recent developments, here, and in case you missed the “St. George Renaissance” video I created back in 2013, definitely check that out, here! I have always said that the St. George neighborhood of Staten Island is poised to be the next “it” neighborhood of New York City. In fact, it did win the Curbed Cup New York City Neighborhood of the Year trophy in 2013.

Offering the best of city life in an otherwise suburban borough, St. George will soon have another feature drawing more and more interest to the neighborhood: a new high-rise soon to be built. Quite possibly the tallest building on Staten Island, and located at 315-325 St.Mark’s Place. My photos show you what this area looks like now.
This prime real estate property just sold for 9.5 million and is located next to the spectacular St.George Theatre. The building will supposedly be the tallest on Staten Island, reaching over 15 stories high. The lot, which is currently being used as a parking area, was purchased by international investors who plan to make this a high-end residential building that will provide stunning 360-degree panoramic views of Manhattan, Brooklyn and the New York Harbor. Above the third story, there will be unobstructed views of the New York City, something you’d be hard-pressed to find anywhere else.

Manhattan Sophistication comes to Staten Island’s St. George

I’ve always enjoyed St. George everything from the remarkable variety of housing types to the steep hills and stunning views. There is history, culture, entertainment and, when it comes right down to it, down-to-earth people who take pride in their community. Recently, it’s as if a spotlight has been placed on Staten Island and now suddenly the rest of the city, if not the world is finally seeing what Staten Islanders have known all along… potential.

St. George Renaissance In Staten Island Is Now!

It is estimated that the high-rise may have anywhere from 140-180 residential units with lower level commercial operations and parking. Regardless of what it may provide St. George, there is no doubt that this high-rise is in good company.

Right around the corner is the historic St. George Theatre, closed for nearly 30 years but reopened in 2004, bringing a part of St. George back to life. The downtown hub. Hyatt Street includes a variety of eclectic restaurants, cafes and small businesses. Down by the water, the Postcards Memorial along the St. George Esplanade and the National Lighthouse Museum offers a glimpse into Staten Island’s history. And not too far down the street is the recently-opened Flagship Brewing Company, which provides a glimpse into the exciting future of Staten Island’s North Shore.

Although I am excited about this development, and the many other developments taking place along Staten Island’s North Shore, I am even more excited for those fortunate enough to take advantage of what St. George has to offer them. Real estate buyers and investors looking at places like the Accolades, the URL building and this new high-rise will not regret investing in St. George. I have always said that Staten Island has so much to offer, and at a fraction of the expense you’ll pay in the other boroughs. Why not take a look yourself?

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Top 10 North Shore Spots To Treat Your Valentine on Staten Island!

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Where To Celebrate Valentine’s Day on the North Shore of Staten Island

Every February 14th, candy, flowers and gifts are exchanged between loved ones, all in the name of St. Valentine. Long celebrated as a day of romance, February 14 is usually a day dedicated to expressing one’s affection for their sweetheart.

Whether you are planning a grand gesture of romance or have something simple yet meaningful in mind, here are my top 10 picks on Staten Island’s North Shore for those who are hoping to make this Valentine’s Day a memorable one!

Clark’s House of Flowers

1875 Victory Blvd |  (718) 442-6453 | website

Sam Gregorio’s Florist

814 Forest Ave |  (718) 447-7673 | website

Valentine’s Day isn’t complete without red roses- the traditional symbol for love and romance. Staten Island’s North Shore has florists that are there to help you send the perfect message of love.

Alfonso’s Bakery

1899 Victory Boulevard | (718) 273-8802 | website

If you’re not in the mood for chocolates, check out Alfonso’s Pastry Shoppe for delicious Valentine’s Day fondant cakes, heart-shaped cookies, Valentine’s Day themed cupcakes, chocolate covered strawberries and other scrumptious treats.

Joe and Pat’s Pizzeria

1758 Victory Blvd | (718) 981-0887 | website

If you love thin crispy pizza, definitely try Joe and Pat’s heart-shaped pizza for a romantic spin this Valentine’s. Family owned and operated since established in 1960.

Honor Wines

36 Bay Street | (718) 954-0452 | website

If you’re looking to celebrate with a toast this February 14th, check out Honor Wines. Lori’s top picks for Valentine’s Day include champagne, sparkling rose or Cremants. Check out my video interview with Lori!

Waterfalls Restaurant

2012 Victory Blvd. | (718) 815-7200 | website

Spend Valentine’s Day enjoying Italian cuisine prepared by a family owned business, with old style recipes passed down from generation to generation. Reservations required. Love artichokes…must try the scrumptious stuffed artichoke!

Blue Restaurant

1115 Richmond Terrace | (718) 273-7777

Enjoy a special three-course dinner and a beautiful view of the North Shore waterfront to celebrate this Valentine’s Day. for information on how to make a reservation.

Check out my dining review!

Beans and Leaves Café

422 Forest Avenue | (718) 448-0276 | Yelp

A must try, a great place that the locals love…Valentine’s Day treats available, red velvet cocoa and lattes and red velvet pancakes and waffles. For those who want to add a personal touch to their night out, call ahead and the staff will work with you to provide the perfect atmosphere and ambiance for you and your date.

Lee Sims Chocolates

422 Manor Road | (718) 448-9276 | website

Lee Sims a must have for homemade delicious chocolates. Tradition and four generations family owned and operated. Valentine’s Day treats include chocolate covered strawberries, cherry cordials and so much more. My new favorite: the Peanut Butter Smoothie- chocolate coated whipped peanut butter with crushed peanuts on top. Scrumptious!

A Valentine’s Day Cabaret: Love Songs, Showtunes, and Standards at The St. George Theatre

35 Hyatt Street | (718) 442-2900 | Visit The St. George Theater’s website more details.

The Staten Island Shakespearean Theatre will bring a weekend of romance to the St. George Theatre in a Valentine’s Day Cabaret: Love Songs, Showtunes, and Standards, on February 13, 14 and 15, 2015. To purchase tickets, call the box office at 718-442-2900.


If you find yourself on Staten Island for Valentine’s and fall in love (that is, with Staten Island), please don’t hesitate to contact me!

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Staten Island Homes Near The Verrazano Bridge: Grasmere

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One of the things I love about Staten Island is that there are so many small communities- each one with a unique history and heritage- each one with its own set of characteristics. On my website, I provide my readers with plenty of information about the different North Shore neighborhoods, giving potential home buyers (and all Staten Islanders) a glimpse of the unique history and charm of these neighborhoods and what to look forward to if buying a home there.

But in my recent experience, I find that my clients have more specific needs. For example, many of my clients look specifically for Staten Island homes near the Verrazano Bridge. In order to provide information, spark interest and meet their needs, over the next few months I will be dedicating one blog per month to showcase specific neighborhoods that are within a close vicinity to the Verrazano Bridge.

Staten Island Neighborhoods Near The Verrazano Bridge: Grasmere

In my opinion, these neighborhoods provide many of the “wish list items” that many of my clients are looking for in a new home- prime location, many transportation options, easy commute to Manhattan and Brooklyn, variety when it comes to the type and style of home, quick access to entertainment and shopping, and many neighborhood attractions suitable for any type of family or lifestyle.

Looking for a Staten Island home near the Verrazano Bridge? Below you will find a description of Grasmere- a neighborhood frequently sought after due to its prime location near public transit and close access to the Verrazano Bridge. Read on to find out more about this charming neighborhood.


Grasmere is bounded to the north by the Staten Island Expressway, to the east by Hylan Boulevard, the south by Hylan Boulevard and Old Town Road, and to the west by Targee Street and the neighborhood of Emerson Hill.


Grasmere was named by Roderick Cameron, a mid-19th-century developer who named the area after an English Lake District village. In the 1880’s, Mr. Cameron sold land to Philip Brady, who harvested ice from the pond that is now called Brady’s Pond. Grasmere has always been considered one of the most prominent communities on Staten Island, with the area around Brady’s Pond being particularly prestigious. Although intersected by many major roads (Staten Island Expressway, Hylan Boulevard), Grasmere has maintained a quiet and more suburban character. Continue reading

10 Top Staten Island North Shore Night Life Spots To Check Out!

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Staten Island usually isn’t the place people think about when they talk about New York City nightlife. The truth is, Staten Island is often considered lacking when it comes to having a social scene for its residents. Although this may be true, in comparison to New York City’s other boroughs, there are some places on Staten Island’s North Shore that are worth checking out if you’re looking for some hip and entertaining things to do at night.

Flagship Brewing Company

38-40 Minthorne Street, Tompkinsville

Owned and operated by three Staten Island childhood friends, the Flagship Brewing Company brings a unique product and a unique atmosphere back to Staten Island’s North Shore. Flagship’s tasting room is open Thursday through Sunday, and offers a relaxing and laid back atmosphere for people looking to just “hang out.” If you’re looking for a little more excitement, there are plenty of events happening on the weekends at Flagship -comedy nights, open mic and local bands- all featuring local talent. Check out their events calendar here for more information on upcoming events.

Beso Restaurant

11 Schuyler Street, St. George

A popular and enticing dining option is Beso Restaurant, a small and cozy Spanish restaurant with tapas, entrees & sangria. Beso is perfect for any occasion: a family dinner, romantic evening or a night out with friends.

Burrito Bar

585 Forest Avenue, West Brighton

The motto reads, “Peace, Love & Mexican food” and the food, drinks and atmosphere has won this West Brighton Tex-Mex restaurant and bar the Staten Island Reader’s Choice Award for best happy hour.

120 Bay Café

120 Bay Street, St. George

Formerly known as “The Cargo,” 120 Bay Café is located just two blocks from the Staten Island Ferry in the heart of St. George. It is known for its food, live music, surreal artwork, and eclectic crowd.

Local Arts Scene

Deep Tanks Studio

150 Bay Street, St. George

Deep tanks photography studio and art space functions as an art gallery, performance venue and a full-service photography studio. Art walk events are open to the public on the second Saturday of every month. These “Second Saturday Staten Island” can include visual and performance arts, including photography, painting, sculpture, film dance, spoken word, music, and more.

Elsewhere on Staten Island


1100 South Avenue

This dazzling, glitzy nightclub that opened in 2012 atop the Hilton Garden Inn draws huge crowds. It features a high-tech dance floor, state-of the art music system and lighting, huge glass windows and outdoor areas with spectacular views.


Hometown Bars and Pubs

Staten Island also has many hometown bars and clubs- practically one in each neighborhood. Local hang-outs like Dannyboys, Nurnburger Bierhaus, Jody’s, Lacey’s Tavern and Jimmy Max have been around for decades and are routinely filled with devoted patrons.

With roughly $1 billion in private investment coming into Staten Island’s North Shore, there is bound to be more nightlife entertainment options to offer Staten Islanders in the near future. As North Shore developments are finally set into motion, Staten Island neighborhoods like St. George and Tompkinsville just may end up being entertainment and leisure destinations in the near future.

In the mean time, feel free to browse through the neighborhood section of my website for more information about some of Staten Island’s most popular restaurants, parks, local businesses and points of interest. If you’re interested in buying a home or Staten Island real estate and want to know more, please don’t hesitate to contact me on Facebook or Twitter.

There are two kinds of real estate professionals…those who understand the emotional and financial complexity of selling or buying a home …and those who don’t!

I look forward to meeting with you soon!

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