Have you seen the vineyards growing on the Silver Lake Golf Course in Staten Island’s North Shore? With all the rain….the wine grape plants look lush and full. What a captivating sight…. to see the vineyards growing…with golfers putting in the distance.You may also want to check out The Veranda restaurant which is located on the Silver Lake golf course. Make sure to try Skye Dog Wine…..made from the wine grapes grown on this very golf course. Skye is pictured below with his owner…..he’s the golf course watch dog.


Staten Island’s North shore boasts...culture, the arts, water views, parks and a variety of housing. Silver Lake Park offers a fun tot park, dog park, jogging, tennis courts, golf course and a ball field.


“Spend a day on Staten Island and explore what our wonderful Island has to offer.”

There are two kinds of Real Estate professionals…..those who understand the emotional and financial complexity of selling or buying a home….and those who don’t.

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