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With the revitalization of the North Shore in full swing, there is always something going on in the borough that has the community talking. One of the hottest topics of late is the proposed New York wheel and outlet malls, and is just another reason why so many people have become increasingly interested in Staten Island, specifically, St. George.

If you are looking to move to an up-and-coming area that provides an urban feel in a predominantly suburban area, there is no doubt that St. George is the place to look. Besides the fact that this area is already bustling with great restaurants, arts and culture, history and attractions, the addition of a new tourist attraction and an outlet mall only adds to the excitement.

For anyone looking to buy a home on Staten Island, being informed about the new additions to this North Shore community is a MUST. Here is what residents have to look forward to in the near future.

World’s Tallest Ferris Wheel 

Chances are if you live on Staten Island or are interested in buying a home here, you’ve already heard of the proposed plans for the world’s tallest Ferris wheel. Already named the “New York Wheel,” the proposed observation wheel towers over 600 feet tall, rising above both the London Eye and the Singapore Flyer.  The wheel will consist of 36 capsules seating 40 passengers each, and will offer a 38-minute ride and spectacular view of the New York City skyline, downtown Manhattan, and New Jersey.

Towering over the Staten Island Ferry terminal, the wheel hopes to offer more than just a ride and a view. Hopes are it will make the North Shore a destination for both residents and tourists alike. The proposed design of the structure will include green recreational space for the public to enjoy during the day, and at night it will light up over the harbor- serving as an illuminated beacon showcasing New York City’s most suburban borough.

Empire Outlets- A New Shopping Destination

Another project is also underway, and its construction will accompany that of the New York Wheel. Shoppers weary of traveling to Long Island, New Jersey or all the way upstate to Woodbury Commons can get excited about New York City’s only outlet mall, planning to open in 2016.

Located at the site of the parking lot near the ferry terminal, this structure will consist of a retail and hotel complex, and will include restaurants, café’s, and nearly ½ million square feet of outlet malls. Empire Outlets (formerly Harbor Commons), will provide shoppers with high-end stores such as Nike, Adidas and Coach (although the final list of retailers hasn’t officially been revealed to the public).

A New Look for the North Shore

Since the announcement last year, plans for the wheel and the outlets has been altered a few times. Redesigns for the project include more green space for public use, as well as ample parking for commuters who use the Staten Island Ferry on a daily basis.

Where will this “green space” be? The observation wheel’s terminal building will include a multi-leveled structure that will house several facilities, including parking and an 8-acre rooftop lawn.  The majority of the space will include open green lawns, terraced landscaping, waterfall features, and winding pathways. The space will be open for public use for anything from picnicking, walking or simply relaxing and enjoying the view. The green space will also feature a display of solar and wind turbines, which will be used to power a portion of the wheel terminal.

All of this will be located among the retail outlets and the wheel itself, adjacent to the Richmond County Bank Ballpark, providing a “new look” for this section of the North Shore.

Making Staten Island a Destination

Developers and officials supporting the new attractions hope that the wheel and adjacent outlets will draw tourists from the ferry terminal out into the borough before their return trip to Manhattan. It will also attract people into the area, giving visitors a chance to experience all of the culture, history, great eats and attractions the borough has to offer.

Zipcars will allow tourists coming off the ferry a quick and convenient ride to Snug Harbor, the Alice Austen House, the Staten Island Zoo, Fort Wadsworth, Historic Richmond Town, the boardwalk, beaches and parks, and many, many other area attractions.

As a Staten Island realtor, I am truly excited to tell my clients about all that this neighborhood currently offers, as well as its promising future. St. George is experiencing recent growth that is outpacing other areas of New York City and the revitalization of the area promises to add even more to an already thriving area.

If you are interested in buying a home on Staten Island, what a great time to get started! Take this as an opportunity to witness all of the excitement unfold and see what a great place Staten Island can be. I would love to show you some beautiful real estate properties in St. George and the surrounding areas, and discuss the many advantages to buying a home in this up-and-coming area. Check my website for listings and links to the other wonderful and amazing things taking place on the North Shore.  Hope to meet you soon!



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