Happy Clients, Monica and Ray


I recently completed the sale of a quaint Cape Cod; the proud and happy home-buyers ecstatic about starting a new family in their new home. Being a young couple expecting their first child, Monica and Ray went through the home-buying process feeling a number of emotions, including excitement, anxiety and hope. 

Going through this process with Monica and Ray reminded me of how important it is to have a realtor who will understand the wide range of emotions a client experiences when buying or selling a home. In this case, it was not difficult for me to understand how they might be feeling as a new couple expecting a child, wanting to be in a home. Nothing is more difficult than being expectant parents and not being able to visualize where you will raise your new family. And nothing feels better than, after a long wait, finally being able to prepare for the birth of your new baby by having a special place to call “home.” 

Everything on Your List… 

Ray and Monica, like other first-time home buyers, had their check-list of “must have” items for their new home. Since both of them work full-time in the city and have family members who live in other boroughs, finding a home close to the Verrazano Bridge was important to them. They also wanted a home in move-in condition, with a finished basement. Most importantly, they wanted a home that could accommodate a growing family. Being their realtor required me to work diligently to make all of these things possible, and to communicate with them every step of the way. 

As their realtor, I also understood that Monica and Ray also had another check-list that I needed to help them with, but this list didn’t contain tangible items with monetary value. The items on this list included things like: being able to prepare a space for their new child, having the peace of mind of being able to move forward together as a family, knowing they had the support of a realtor who was there to listen and communicate with them throughout the home-buying process, and feeling valued as a client. 

A good realtor will be in-tune with what your needs are as a client, whether you vocalize them or not.

Monica and Ray never declared this list to me, but every potential home-buyer has a list like this- a list that includes hopes, dreams, and peace of mind. A good realtor will be able to figure out what is on this list and how to make these things happen. Taking the items on this list very seriously and finding the right realtor means finding someone who understands that this check-off list is just as important…if not more important, as the other things you want in a home.

and More!

I was not able to get Monica and Ray everything on their first check-off list. We ended up looking a little further from the Verrazano Bridge as they originally wanted and found the perfect Cape Cod for them, complete with everything else on their list. I am proud to say, however, that I did accomplish everything on the “other” check-list, as stated in their Zillow review: “Holly was such a pleasure to work with! She really helped me and my husband in the long and stressful process of buying our first home… a friendly, professional, hardworking agent who gets the job done and really works for the best interest of the client.”

Whatever your “lists” contain, I would be happy to serve as your realtor.

You can view more “happy clients”stories on my website, where there is also valuable information about the many aspects of buying or selling a home. While you’re there, be sure to check out what Staten Island’s North Shore neighborhoods have to offer and browse through some of the recent listings. Please feel free to contact me on Facebook or Twitter. I look forward to meeting you soon!

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