Sold Home in Graniteville On Staten Island's North Shore.
Daniel called me at about 10:00 pm one evening, and our conversation caught me by surprise. He and his wife were already in the process of selling their home, (they had a listing agent), but were not pleased by the way things were going and decided to do some “realtor shopping.” As I listened intently to their story, I realized that Daniel and Greis were stuck in an unfortunate position that happens far too often in real-estate: what I call a “bad connection.

I am so glad that I took the call from Daniel and Greis that night. Looking to downsize into a smaller home, I was able to show them a few homes that I thought would be perfect for a couple who wanted a more manageable lifestyle as they got older. Daniel and Greis had very precise needs and knew exactly what they wanted. They had a specific budget in mind as well as a specific location, so it was important for me to not only listen to their needs, but follow through and find them something that would be perfect for them.

This is what the happy Graniteville clients had to say about their home buying experience:

“Holly is very professional and hard working agent. Very helpful and understanding, she helped us with several properties setting up appointments. She was always very punctual and serious regarding all matters.”

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