Do you believe our families and our homes are the center of the American Dream ? Are those homes… and our lives in them the focus of creating a beautiful, cozy functional way of living for the ones we love ?  Home is the one place where we create our own environment that is unique to our own lifestyle. This belief of home ownership has been the American Dream for 234 years and is the core value of this country.


Home ownership remains the American dream… you develop positive differences in people’s family relationships and their finances while connecting to the community. Society benefits as well…studies have shown students from families that owned houses scored higher on Achievement Tests than those of families who rent. There also is a stronger community and civic connection .


Clearly from the 2011 NAR- Harris poll: Young adults do believe and are committed to one day becoming home owners. Following the path of their parents and grandparents .Young adults do feel it has been more difficult to achieve the American Dream… yet acknowledge doing so would provide a healthy stable environment for raising a family. In my opinion home ownership does matter…continuing to be the true value of our nation.


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