Welcome to businesses, people and homes of Staten Island’s North Shore community. Today’s business highlight is APB Security Systems, located on Victory Blvd. in Staten Island’s North Shore. http://www.apbsecurity.com/   Steve Coppola Pres.of APB Security Systems Inc. and his daughter Pamela Coppola Columbia Pres. of Statewide Fire Corp. discussed relevant security systems being used today.


Now when I think of security… I think of your basic alarm, where either the alarm rings only on the property when triggered or can be set to alert central station….which then contacts the police. So with today’s technology….. I was curious as to what types of security systems are available today. Both homeowners and business owners can certainly benefit by knowing what their options are in the world of security. One form of security I was introduced to ; AES -Intellinet http://www.aes-intellinet.com/ this is a wireless alarm that works on radio technology. No cellular or telephone connection…a radio connection that can alert central station in 1-3 seconds. How neat is that…now that is technology! It is also provides use in hard to reach areas. The second type of security system we talked about was Videofied http://www.videofied.com/. This particular system looks like a motion detector…no phone lines, a cellular device that takes pictures every few seconds when triggered. Signals are sent to central station…..which determines if a crime is in progress or not. If a crime is in action, Police will be alerted as a “crime in progress”…..which respond time is faster than a routine alarm. I see this as being a useful form of security…. in an empty home, building or new construction.

Steve and Pam provided some very useful information today. I definitely look at security systems differently now. Knowing various options that are available to the consumer. The family owned business of APB Security Systems on Staten Island’s North Shore is eager to provide you with current information and security options ….to fit your lifestyle or business. If you are looking for honesty and courteous service definitely speak to Steve or Pam…… a staple business within the North Shore community.

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