Gerardi's Market | Staten Island North ShoreNothing says “spring” like an array of flowers, shrubs, or flowering trees lined up along a storefront.  And nothing says “healthy” like a display of fresh, locally grown produce.

If you’re a Staten Island North Shore resident, than you know where to go to find local produce at great prices as well as everything for your landscaping needs: Gerardi’s Farmers Market.

Why We Love Gerardi’s

Gerardi’s is located at 571 Richmond Terrace, right down the street from Snug Harbor Cultural Center, and in the heart of West New Brighton.

Family owned, Gerardi’s has been serving Staten Island North Shore residents for decades with fresh produce from their 40-acre New Jersey farm.  They also offer free landscaping quotes and are open during the holiday season to meet your holiday decorating needs.

Farmers markets like this are only one reason why Staten Island’s North Shore attracts so many home buyers.  The area’s cultural attractions, parks, restaurants, historic neighborhoods, and close vicinity to the Staten Island Ferry and Verrazano Bridge are no doubt appealing to those looking to buy a home on Staten Island.

But it’s also the personal attention the local family businesses provide their customers and the easy access to quality, locally grown products that makes the North Shore of Staten Island so unique.

Fresh Produce All Summer on the North Shore

So, if you’re ever on Staten Island’s North Shore, look no further than Gerardi’s Farmers Market for fresh produce or a flat of annuals.  And if buying a home on Staten Island has been on your list, look no further than Staten Island’s North Shore Expert, realtor Holly Wiesner Olivieri.  I would love to showcase some of the wonderful things the North Shore of Staten Island can offer you.


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