I featured a unique property for sale in the Westerleigh section of Staten Island. A Chamber of Commerce Building award-winner, the multi-family property was built by a renowned Staten Islander who was known for constructing superior buildings. Consisting of three two-family units, the property’s style, construction, recent renovations and perfect North Shore location made this property sought-after by many investors. It was under contract for ninety seven days, but finally, the group of siblings who inherited the building from their father were able to “close” on the property, handing over the keys to a new owner.

This is what the happy clients had to say about their home selling experience:

My family has used Holly Wiesner Olivieri repeatedly over the years to help market single and two family homes, find well qualified renters for commercial properties and in selling multi-family buildings. She has presented herself and represented her agency in a very professional capacity. She has proved to us more than once she was the right choice. She is able to “change hats” so to speak and market different properties with different interests in a way so that the whole process moves in a fluid and successful outcome for parties on both ends. Holly is a family friend, we could not endorse anyone any higher. She can and will see to it that all your concerns with regards to the marketing of real estate will be mettled out in the most professional positive way possible.

– The Lenza family, Lenza Properties,L.L.C

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