Home Inspection Staten Island North ShoreHome inspections are an important step as you move forward in a home purchase or sale. At times inspections can be daunting and nerve racking. When purchasing a home bear in mind that a home inspection is a tool and resource you use in determining if a particular home is for you. How can the seller prepare for a home inspection? Prior to the inspection, give your home the once over.

An experienced real estate agent can give your home a good look – over, a Realtor may not have the expertise of an inspector …but have been through enough sales negotiations to spot any red flags. Whether you are looking to sell your Staten Island home or are looking to buy a home on Staten Island, as your Realtor on Staten Island’s North Shore I have provided you with some pertinent things you should know about home inspections.

The Role of Your Realtor

Besides the home inspector themselves, a quality Realtor is a great asset when going through the home inspection process.  As a Realtor living on Staten Island’s North Shore, with many years of experience, I understand the importance of being present during the inspection, whether I am representing the buyer or the seller. Being present at the home inspection is crucial for effectively completing negotiations.

On the other hand, if you are thinking about selling your Staten Island home, make sure your Realtor makes a point to be at the inspection as well.  In my experience, being present to hear exactly what the home inspector says about the property allows me to communicate with the seller any legitimate needs that need to be addressed, and gives me full knowledge of potential issues when negotiating with buyers.

Getting the best inspector

Many buyers looking to live on Staten Island’s North Shore take the recommendations of their real estate agent when choosing an inspector, but it certainly pays to do your research when finding one.  Personally, I usually recommend three or four inspectors, and let my clients decide which one they want.  Whether you choose your agent’s recommendation or find your own, there are a few things you should check up on before hiring a home inspector:

During the Inspection

Inspection of a Home on Staten IslandDuring a home inspection, the inspector will check the roof, basement, heating system, water heater, air-conditioning system, structure, plumbing, electrical and many other aspects of the building. Home inspections vary, one and a half to three hours to complete a full inspection. Many inspectors will look for signs of problems such as water damage, termites, mold or structural problems.

An inspector will also be looking for improper building practices, items that require extensive repairs, things that are general maintenance issues, as well as some fire and safety issues.  A home inspection is meant to describe the general condition of the home at the time, not to guarantee the future condition of the home, or the efficiency or life expectancy of the systems in the home.  Not all problems may be discovered during a home inspection either.

So, now what?

After the home inspection has taken place, the inspector prepares and gives to the buyer a written report of their findings.  The buyer uses this knowledge to make decisions about their future purchase. Very rarely does a home inspection break a deal, since there are very few problems that cannot be repaired, and often times problems are minor and are inexpensive for the seller to fix.  An experienced Realtor will assist in this process, being able to counsel their clients on what is appropriate and reasonable.

Since you’re interested, why not check out my latest video on home inspections!  In this clip, Mike Nuzzolo of Home Probe Inspections & Consultations Inc. inspects a local Staten Island home, pointing out some things that are important to look at during a home inspection.

While you are on my website, why not view some homes for sale on Staten Island’s North Shore?  You can also find other important information about the North Shore communities here as well!  Hope to catch up with you soon!

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