IMG_6621“From wine what sudden friendship springs!” John Gay

This quote hangs behind the register at Honor Wines, located at 36 Bay Street, in the heart of St. George. To me, this quote perfectly represents the essence of Honor Wines: a warm, inviting and authentic place where browsing, exploring and lingering are encouraged. In a world of busy schedules and deadlines, this is definitely not your typical “I’ll be in-and-out” type of store. In fact, from the moment I entered Lorie and Robert Honor’s wine shop, I could tell that I would be in there for a while.

Authentic and Real

Visiting Honor Wines is an experience in-and-of itself. The warm atmosphere, whimsical touches and the rustic flair seem to transport you to another place and time. There are very few places on Staten Island that provide this type of atmosphere.  At Honor Wines, there is more to a visit than just buying a bottle of wine. Lorie and Robert have created a place where relationships are formed, friendships are made, and memories are created.

On display here are hundreds of bottles of wine, each neatly placed on shelves constructed of reclaimed wood and steel beams. I felt like I was in a library of wines, each bottle unique, and each with their own story. In the midst of the wine displays are Lorie and Robert’s personal touches. Between the paintings that decorated the walls to the hand-crafted wine holders at the register, to each unique bottle of wine, it seemed as though each element in the store had its own story to tell. And Lorie Honor, the owner, could tell you the story behind each one.

Providing A Quality Product

In fact, each one of Lorie’s products does have its own story. From the unique blend of grapes used to make the wine, to the season in which they were grown; from the age of the wine to the casking in which it was stored; Lorie seems to know the intricate details behind each type of wine she sells.

This is no surprise, since Lorie and Robert are extremely dedicated to providing a quality product to their customers. And part of acquiring that high-quality product is in knowing where it comes from and how it is made. As the only “green” wine shop on Staten Island, Honor Wines not only sells a wide variety of organic wine, but they only support growers who specialize in small-yield, well-crafted, natural and organic wines from small farms and businesses.

Lorie finds comfort and pride in knowing that the wine in her store has been produced from grapes that were hand-harvested by farmers who observe sustainable farming practices. Having met many of the owners of the wine she sells, she is able to give her customers the intricate details behind the growth, harvesting and production of the wine they are about to consume. Not many business owners can actually provide that information, making this store a truly unique place. To Lorie, it is all part of her passion for wine.

Staten Island Proud


What left the biggest impression on me, however, was how committed the Honor’s are to their community. This was evidenced by the way they interacted with their customers and through the relationships they have developed with other small businesses across Staten Island’s North Shore. From providing wine at Snug Harbor events, to matching wines with local business menus. The Honor’s truly are proud Staten Islanders who are passionate about the community in which they live and work, and are also committed to seeing it progress even further.

Honor Wines is just another example of the many small businesses you can find on Staten Island’s North Shore that offer their community something rich and something unique; the personalization and small-town feel that an urban setting sometimes can’t provide.

For more information on Honor Wines, visit their website at, or better yet, stop in for a visit! They have wine tastings every Friday evening.

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