Do you wake up anticipating a great cup of coffee? Is it the jump start of your day ….the fuel that keeps you going ? I definitely look forward to a great cup of coffee….after my morning run in Silver Lake Park…. a stop at the “Coffee & Tea Market” on Forest Ave. is a great way to start the day. This wonderful niche gathering place is located within Silver Lake; part of Staten Island’s North Shore community.




The Silver Lake community has many options of housing…charming colonials, capes, condos, apartments and magnificent victorian homes. Many of the home date back to the early 1900’s. Click here to find homes within the Silver Lake area. 

Many local buses and the X30 express bus to midtown Manhattan, travel along the main street of Forest ave. Also in the area is the beautiful Silver Lake Park , which just added a tot park for the little ones to enjoy.

 The “Coffee & Tea Market” is part of  the Forest Avenue Business Improvement District or BID    Owner Todd David provides a large selection of coffees and teas to fit everyone’s taste. I personally enjoy the flavor of the day….every morning there is a different flavor of coffee written on the chalk board. The anticipation of the flavor of the day ….is something I look forward to daily.  

Many locals enjoy their morning and afternoon coffee or tea…while chatting with old friends and new friends. The sense of community and good old neighborly interaction is so pleasurable here. Knowing everyone in the Coffee & Tea Market just by being a customer…is certainly a nice feeling.The next time you are in Staten Island’s North Shore…. make sure to travel through the Silver Lake community. Discover why so many love this area….parks, golf course, small town community….just to name a few attractions… a wonderful place to live.

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There are 2 kinds of Real Estate professionals…those who understand the emotional and financial complexity of selling a home….and those who don’t. Have an extraordinary day !

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