At the SIEDC 2nd Annual Green & Clean Expo yesterday….all where offered a Free tree… by NYRP. There were beautiful 8ft. red oak trees. Contrary to some…article, the program that offers these beautiful trees MillionTreesNYC  provides Staten Island and all New York city communities with a greener, happier more sustainable lifestyle.


 It was a pleasure to chat with Mike Mitchell… community initiatives coordinator of MillionTreesNYC about this active program. I love the greeting of a beautiful tree in the morning …watching it grow, providing me with shade and its seasonal beauty. Trees planted around your home or business help in water absorption and provide clean air. Proper  planting and assessment of the area for a tree is necessary for years of enjoyment.

The SIEDC Green & Clean Expo was a free event with many vendors in attendance to answer and assist you with all your questions….pertaining to sustainable intiatives which benefit residents,businesses and our local  Staten Island environment.

Check out “New Website” launched

Staten Island’s North Shore

Thank you and have an extraordinary day!

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