View4 Looking at Bank Street Entrance

Although not formerly named “The New York Wheel” yet, construction on the world’s tallest observation wheel is set to begin later on this year. The proposed observation wheel will tower over 600 feet tall, rising above both the London Eye and the Singapore Flyer.  The wheel will consist of 36 capsules seating 40 passengers each, and will offer a 38-minute ride and spectacular view of the New York City skyline, downtown Manhattan, and New Jersey.

Towering over the Staten Island Ferry terminal, the proposed design of the structure will include green recreational space for the public to enjoy during the day, and at night it will light up over the harbor- serving as an illuminated beacon showcasing New York City’s most suburban borough. The wheel promises to be three things; visual, as its views highlight the magnificent scenery of the New York Harbor and Manhattan; technological, as it includes features like augmented reality screens in the glass of each capsule; and sustainable, as much of its power will be drawn from wind and solar energy.

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