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In a world of fast-food chains and franchise restaurants, it seems that so many people choose convenience over quality. Although you may see franchises popping up all over the city, one of the unique qualities of Staten Island are the “mom-and-pop” shops that still remain at the heart of many North Shore neighborhoods.

Whenever I meet with clients looking to buy a home in the St. George area, I love bringing them to one of my favorite places: Papa Perrone’s Riceball Shoppe (link: Here, you can have both convenience and quality, and can get a true feel for what St. George is all about.

Don’t be fooled by the name; Papa Perrone’s does not only specialize in arancini (aka “riceballs”). Located at 469 St. Mark’s Place, Papa Perrone’s offers breakfast, pasta dishes, pizza, sliders and heroes, a number of riceball variations with specialty dipping sauces, and has a catering menu for special events. Their riceballs, created from a family recipe, were voted the best in New York City in 2012 by the Daily News, and have gained national and international attention through the Cooking Channel’s show “Eat Street.”

Papa Perrone’s Riceball Shoppe is just one example of why so many people are drawn to the North Shore of Staten Island, especially St. George. The small businesses here, some established decades ago, provide the history, individualized character, personalization and small-town feel that large franchises can’t offer. With all of the excitement of upcoming developments, the true essence of Staten Island’s North Shore lies within these small businesses, who are able to keep the history and culture of their neighborhoods alive.

Although Papa Perrone’s is relatively new to the St. George area, residents here have already established a relationship with the small business. Customers rave about the friendly service, the quality of the food, and the convenience of the location. Many customers love the restaurant because they can identify with the family pride and values that is within the history of the business.

But St. George residents aren’t the only ones enjoying Papa Perrone’s. Devoted followers from when he operated a food truck in Midtown take the ferry ride over from Manhattan to visit him at his new location. And tourists who have seen his riceballs featured on “Eat Street” make it a point to put Papa Perrone’s on their list of things to do while in New York City.

It is for these reasons, and many more, that the St. George location was a perfect choice for the owners of the family business, who actually live on Staten Island’s south shore. The location, the neighborhood, the access to the other boroughs all make St. George a prime area for both business owners and potential home buyers alike.

Just a ten minute walk from the Staten Island Ferry gives St. George residents access to the rest of New York City, and, in this case, gives the rest of New York City access to one of Staten Island’s best kept secrets.

You can read more about Papa Perrone’s Riceball Shoppe through their website, or on Facebook.

If you’re looking to buy a home on Staten Island, when it comes to the North Shore, you won’t have to look far to find your special niche. Whether it’s Marie’s Gourmet in Silver Lake, Beans and Leaves in West Brighton, or Papa Perrone’s Riceball Shoppe in St. George, there is something for everyone on Staten Island’s North Shore. I would love to find you the perfect home in the perfect neighborhood. Contact me through my website, for more information on local businesses like these,(check out blog and video links), Staten Island attractions and more! Or, connect with me on Facebook and Twitter. I look forward to meeting with you soon!

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