7ca9893acbce0067da09a3ca21bf4f69New Year’s Resolutions: approximately half of Americans make them each year, and only 8% of Americans are actually successful in achieving them.  Most resolutions involve self improvement or education-related goals, weight-related resolutions, or have to do with money or relationships.

Whether you plan on officially making a resolution this year or not, the New Year is definitely a time where most people pause to reflect on the past while looking ahead to the future.

So, have you thought about what you’d like to accomplish in 2014? If you are looking for something new, creative and exciting to do this year—perhaps maybe even trying a new hobby or skill—then I have the perfect resource for you. The Staten Island MakerSpace, located in Stapleton, has recently opened its doors to makers, builders, artists, and entrepreneurs… basically anyone who wants to see their ideas come to life. Not the “creative-type?” Not a problem. At Staten Island MakerSpace everyone is empowered to try something new, or even take your hobby or skill to the next level.

The “Do it Yourself” Phenomenon

MakerSpace is a worldwide phenomenon that takes the “do it yourself” idea to a whole new level. In short, Makerspaces are community centers with tools. They combine equipment, community, and education with the purpose of enabling community members to design and create products that they wouldn’t be able to manufacture alone. All Makerspaces operate under the sole purpose of providing access to equipment, community, and education.

Staten Island MakerSpace is a non-profit organization sponsored by the New York City Economic Development Corporation with the goal of providing the Staten Island community with a business incubator as well as a community workspace and educational center.

As a business incubator, SI MakerSpace is being utilized by entrepreneurs who need a space to launch and expand their small business. It provides affordable and flexible workspace, services to assist business growth, and an entrepreneurial community that provides skill-sharing and collaboration.

As a community workspace and education center, SI MakerSpace provides both skilled craftspeople and weekend hobbyists with the space and tools to work. Even families and children have the opportunity to build, craft and create by participating in workshops that are provided by MakerSpace members.

Not just for the “Skilled”

Don’t think you have the skills? According to DB Lampman, associate director, there is something at Staten Island MakerSpace for everyone.

The 6,000 square foot space contains a fully equipped metalworking studio, a woodworking studio, a computer lab with a 3D printer, a sewing studio, jewelry bench, private studio spaces, large open workshop classroom, storage area, and conference room with co-working areas.

Although membership is required to use the space and the equipment, you don’t have to be a member to participate in a workshop. By offering a variety of different workshops- from welding, indoor gardening and sewing to “Minecraft Madness” for children – truly, there is something here for everyone.

What MakerSpace means for Staten Island

Although SI MakerSpace has only been open since the end of October, it has already begun to make a huge impact on the community. By offering a variety of programs and workshops (including those geared toward families), partnering with local schools and community groups, and providing a space for small business development, both Ms. Lampman and the NYCEDC hope that the opening of MakerSpace in Stapleton will coincide nicely with the other developments that are currently taking place on Staten Island’s North Shore.

“By offering people access to tools, equipment, skill-building workshops, and business development resources, we aim to make our neighborhood a better place to live, work, raise families, and start small businesses,” said Scott Van Campen, executive director of the Staten Island MakerSpace.

If your New Year’s Resolution involves trying something new, pursuing a business endeavor, or getting back into an old hobby, Staten Island MakerSpace might be just what you’re looking for. Memberships are available at a variety of different levels, from as low as $10 per month. Members also receive discounts on workshops. Day passes and short term project rental space are also available. For more information on becoming a member of Makerspace, or for information on upcoming workshops for both members and non-members, call 718-273-3951 or visit www.simakerspace.com. Use Makerspace to “dream, create, make!”

If home ownership also happens to be on your “to-do” list of 2014, please feel free to contact me through Facebook or Twitter. My website is another great resource for information on home-buying tipslistings and Staten Island attractions, restaurants, neighborhoods and schools. Let’s put you in a home on Staten Island’s North Shore this year! Have a wonderful New Year; I hope to meet you soon!


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