It’s exciting to see movement in empty spaces….. Wild Goose once occupied 530 Forest Ave. Now the building is divided into 2 new businesses….Ittsy Bittsy Baby and Indiglo. The two new businesses coming to Staten Island’s North Shore; an infant clothing store and a restaurant/lounge. Driving by today I noticed a covered sign on Indiglo….looking forward to the unveiling soon! In my opinion seeing more and more businesses opening up and receiving the support of the community is a positive impact for that neighborhood and Staten Island overall.

Todays update on the housing market was a positive forecast for a  nation finally starting to get back on it’s feet in the housing market. Home buyers finally feeling comfortable to take the plunge and new businesses are opening.This is a confident positive impact for our economy. Buyers and Sellers feeling confident is good news….and in my opinion, now is the time to take action in either selling or buying a home.

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There are 2 kinds of Real Estate professionals….those who understand the emotional and financial complexity of selling or buying a home…and those who don’t.

Thank you and have an extraordinary day!

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