The Victorian Era Home

VictorianHome_StatenIslandAs a Staten Island North Shore Realtor, I always jump at the chance to show interested home buyers a Victorian Era home.

There is just something about these homes that never fails to awe and inspire me – each Victorian home is a work of art in itself, and I’ve never found two that are alike. If you’re looking to buy a home on Staten Island and want your home to have beauty and charm, unique architecture and elaborate features, a Victorian Era home may be the home for you.

But, do you know exactly what you’re in for when buying a Victorian home on Staten Island? Read on to find out more!

Victorian Style on Staten Island

Often times, people use the term “Victorian” when speaking of a particular style, however, the term actually refers to the era in which the home was built, not the style of the home. Victorian Era homes were built during the reign of Queen Victoria, which lasted from 1937-1901.

Because of this, you can almost guarantee that Victorian Era homes will be found in some of the most historic areas of the island. You can also find many different types of Victorian Era homes. The most popular styles in the area are Second Empire, Stick, Queen Anne (my favorite), and Italianate, as well as some Shingle, Romanesque, and others.

The Queen Anne is by far the most popular on Staten Island, with steeply pitched roofs, bay windows, shingled roof designs and circular towers.

NorthShoreStatenIsland-Victorian-HouseAlthough the different types of Victorian Era homes are all unique in character, they all share some similar features. They all have an asymmetrical façade, textured shingles, a steeply pitched, irregular shaped roof and a one-story porch.

The interiors of these homes are just as elaborate, if not more-so, than the exterior. I love showing these masterpiece homes for sale because of the beauty of their intricately carved woodwork, decorative ties, stained-glass features and elaborate furnishings. You never know exactly what you are going to find in these old homes!

A Little North Shore Housing History

Although the movement started in Europe, it quickly spread to North America. In the height of the Industrial Revolution, Victorian builders looked back on the eras of the Italian Renaissance and medieval times and saw a more pure and simple society in touch with nature.

They sought to recreate a piece of the rolling, peaceful European countryside within the newly emerging and industrialized cities.

Architects borrowed elements from the Italian Renaissance and medieval architecture in order to create the atmosphere of a peaceful, European villa. In doing this, they also broke away from the structure and symmetry seen in previous home styles.

The Industrial Revolution also made it inexpensive to produce the elaborate features these homes required, making it possible for anyone, anywhere, on any budget to to include these features when building their home.

Their popularity spread throughout Europe and eventually to North America.

Why Buy a Victorian?

As an experienced Staten Island realtor, I understand that it is not just factors like price or the number of bedrooms that appeal to buyers. Buyers want homes that fit their lifestyle, and, in many cases, their personality.

Staten Island Victorian Home - North ShoreIt is for this very reason many people are drawn to Victorian Era homes. Instead of being uniform (seen one, seen them all) and symmetrical like many other older homes on Staten Island, Victorian Era homes break the mold.

These homes are dynamic, unconventional, artistic and dramatic. No two Victorian homes are alike, and they are unique in character on both the outside and on the inside. Many Staten Island home buyers are drawn to the history, character and dynamic features that the Victorian home provides.

Many of Staten Island’s North Shore communities feature these beautiful homes, including St. George, Randall Manor, West Brighton, Stapleton, Port Richmond and New Brighton, to name a few.

No matter what style home you are interested in, I would love to connect with you. Contact me at or on Facebook and Twitter.

There are two kinds of Real Estate professionals…those who understand the emotional and financial complexity of selling or buying a home….and those who don’t.

Looking forward to seeing what kind of home we can put you in!

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