The weekend was gorgeous …..outdoor activities were in full swing. Whether you were walking or fishing in one of Staten Island’s fabulous parks(, engaging in one of the fine cultural centers(, on Staten Island’s North Shore, golfing at one of the fine golf courses or taking spike for a walk in one of S.I.’s doggy parks…….it was a weekend to be out and about.


While enjoying the fabulous weekend…..appointments,openhouses in full swing and a multitude of interesting conversations. Which brings me to why I am writing….to get a feel for the Staten Island Real Estate market .I enjoy speaking to FSBO who host their own openhouses. In my opinion it is a great idea for Sellers to give it a shot. What better way for the FSBO to experience the process of selling their own home? Realization of what the job entails….local market knowledge,bargain hunters,strategic marketing and engaging in a multitude of conversations. Can your emotions as a FSBO hinder that perspective buyer ? Technically this is a business transaction…..what does this require?


Knowledge, expertise patience and the proper mannerism while speaking to prospects. What are the FSBO’S resources for information?  Local papers,neighbors and the internet ? I firmly believe….. especially in our present economic times….the average FSBO needs assistance in addressing many issues that arise today in our current Real Estate market.


Is preparation by the FSBO overlooked …….All house records in order, realistic pricing, living in the past and how are your negotiation skills? FSBO’s why not give it a shot…weekend after weekend spent marketing your home….many unnecessary conversations….are the people who enter your home truly qualified ? FSBO’s….you certainly will not know unless you try right ? Give it your best shot !

Take a look at my New Buyer’s Guide:

Check out homes for sale in Staten Island at: Also view businesses,people and homes highlighted in Staten Island’s North Shore at:

There are 2 kinds of Real Estate professionals….those who understand the emotional and financial complexity of selling or buying a home…..and those who don’t. Have an extraordinary day !

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