Welcome to businesses, people and homes of Staten Island’s North Shore community. Today’s business highlight shares what you can expect during a home inspection. At times inspections can be daunting and nerve racking for a seller of a home……and to some extent to a buyer. Free buyers guide : www.wiesnerolivieri.info


I met up with Manny Stratakis, a licensed NYS home inspector with Pillar To Post www.pillartopost-statenisland.com located here on Staten Island while on a recent home inspection. I wanted to find out…….will an inspector always find something wrong in the home inspection process ? Manny indicated inspectors look for major problems….heating and cooling systems,electrical problems, signs of water damage,termites and structural or plumbing problems. Do -it – yourself projects are also closely checked. Often problems are minor and inexpensive for the seller to fix. How can the seller prepare for the inspection? Manny suggested, having the seller give their home the once over is a good idea…..prior to inspection. In my opinion….an experienced Real Estate agent can give the house a good look-over….agents may not have the expertise of a home inspector …..but have been through enough sale negotiations to spot common red flags. I believe even when negotiations get tough….. the buyer still wants to buy your home. It is true …buyers do experience feeling overwhelmed also. When purchasing a home. bear in mind that a home inspection is a tool and resource you can use in determining if that particular home is for you. Looking for expert advice… Manny is an inspector who will provide  a professional and knowledgable home inspection.

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There are 2 kinds of Real Estate professionals…those who understand the emotional and financial complexity of selling a home….and those who don’t. Have an extraordinary day !

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