Accessibility For Holly’s Staten Island Buzz Realty

Holly’s Staten Island Buzz Realty is committed to providing quality resources in a format that respects the dignity, independence, integration and promotes equal opportunity for people with diverse disabilities/visual impairments. Following the guidelines of the World Wide Web Consortium and Section 508, should be useable by anyone, with or without disabilities.

Below you will find links to built-in accessibility options for different operating systems, browsers and devices. Following these links will give you information on how to adjust your settings to change colors/ font sizes and access text to speech options.

Microsoft Operating Systems

If your laptop or desktop computer utilizes a Microsoft Operating system, you must first
differentiate which version you are currently utilizing. You can find which operating system you are running by going to the Start menu, then selecting “Computer” and then “Properties.”

Apple Operating Systems

Apple provides information about specific disabilities while using their OS X operating system with a vision, hearing, physical or learning disability. Click the link below and select your options.


Your browser is the application you utilize to access the internet from your computer. Select your browser from the list below to learn about your accessibility options.

Mobile Devices

Mobile devices have become increasingly more accessible. Select the appropriate link below to locate information for obtaining the best accessibility features on your mobile device.

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