Silver Lake

The Silver Lake neighborhood to the east and south features several large privately owned apartment buildings. Also included is the neighborhood on the other side of the adjacent Silver Lake golf course, a series of mostly dead end streets located above Forest Avenue. At the top of Hart Blvd are the Silver Lake Tennis Courts. To the west of this neighborhood is Grymes Hill and Sunnyside.Silver Lake Park has many attractions, such as tennis courts, an 18 hole public golf course, a baseball field, play area, and dog run.

Jewish Community Center Aberlin/North Shore


Located at 485 Victory Boulevard, the Aberlin/North Shore JCC has been serving the Staten Island community since 1929. The JCC of Staten Island provides facilities and programs to all Staten Islanders that include educational programs, sports and recreation, fitness, community services and events.

Specifically, the North Shore JCC provides infant and toddler daycare, full-day or half-day Universal Pre-K (UPK), family programming, and community programs.

Since it was established on Staten Island’s North Shore in 1929, the JCC program has since grown and expanded. Currently, there are two more Staten Island locations: Bernikow/Mid-Island and Avis/South Shore. New programs have developed to serve the needs of the community, including day camp, music programs, fitness and sports programs, and education.

For more information, call 718-475-5290 or visit

Silver Lake Park


Located along where Victory Boulevard meets Forest Avenue is one of Staten Island’s oldest parks, Silver Lake Park. Originally created as Staten Island’s response to Manhattan’s Central Park and Brooklyn’s Prospect Park, Silver Lake Park provides many recreational activities as well as paths and open space to relax and enjoy the view of the reservoir. Silver Lake Park has a variety of facilities on its 209 acres, including an 18-hole golf course, tennis courts, sports fields, an off-leash dog run, playgrounds and miles of walking, running and biking paths.

The natural focal point of the park is the lake, which has served many purposes over the last 150 years; it served the ice harvesting industry, held national skating championships, and became the endpoint of the Catskill water supply system for New York City. Improvements and additions to the park allow it to remain one of the most attractive destinations in Staten Island.

If you’re heading out to Silver Lake Park, below is a guide that will help you navigate through the park during your next visit:

  • Walking, running and biking paths, children’s play area– Can be accessed along Victory Boulevard and Forest Avenue (street parking available). The most common entrances to the park are along Forest Avenue where it intersects with Victory Boulevard. The children’s play area is along one of the walking paths near Victory Boulevard.
  • Golf Course– Parking and access to the Golf Course is located at 915 Victory Boulevard.
  • Tennis Courts, playground, baseball field– Entrance and parking lot located at the top of Hart Boulevard, which is located off of Forest Avenue.
  • Dog run– Located along Victory Boulevard (nearest cross street is Eddy Street)
  • Silver Lake Park Road– This road cuts through the park, joining Forest Avenue and Victory Boulevard. There is no parking along this road, and the road is closed on the weekends for the recreational use of the park.


The Veranda Café


Located at 915 Victory Boulevard in Silver Lake, this full service restaurant not only provides both American and Italian dishes, but it also offers stunning views of Staten Island from the Silver Lake Golf Course. Open to the public year round, the Veranda Café contains one main dining room, a casual bar area, a private room for small dinner parties and events, an outdoor dining area on the terrace, and a large outdoor tent to accommodate larger parties and special events. The main dining area consists of seating corralled around a wooden partition, a fireplace, beautiful glass windows and French doors that swing open onto the outdoor terrace. Appealing food and affordable prices along with stunning views make the Veranda Café the perfect place to visit during any time of year and for any occasion. For more information, visit their website at


Marie’s Gourmet

Marie's Gourmet Pizza

977 Victory Blvd. Staten Island, N.Y. 10301. Hours: Monday-Friday: 8:00am-10:00pm, Saturday: 9:00am-10:00pm, Sunday:10:00am-10:00pm.

Marie’s Gourmet is popular with many of the locals, for home cooked meals with an untraditional twist!

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