Join SINY North Shore expert Holly Wiesner Olivieri as she interviews people, businesses and homes in Staten Island’s North Shore community.

Ever wonder what inspectors look for during a home inspection? In this segment of North Shore Buzz, North Shore Realtor Holly Wiesner Olivieri joins Mike Nuzzolo from Home Probe Inspections & Consultations on his inspection of a 19th Century Staten Island home.

Getting a home inspection can reveal information that is important for the buyer and the seller to be aware of before completing a real estate transaction. However, these inspections are not just for identifying potential problem areas or negotiating price. In this episode, Holly focuses on some key issues regarding safety that all home owners and potential home owners should know about.

From discovering the implications of peeling paint to revealing the potential hazards of a hot water heater, Holly and her professional team are there to make sure that her clients’ best interests are maintained.

Interested in learning more? Check out Home Inspection Tips Part 1. Don’t miss out on what North Shore Expert, Holly Wiesner Olivieri can offer representing you as a home buyer or a home seller. For more information on Home Probe Inspections & Consultations, check out

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