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Some of the most breathtaking views on Staten Island can be found along the waterfront locations of Stapleton, a North Shore neighborhood located on the Upper New York Bay. Stapleton is one of the oldest waterfront neighborhoods on Staten Island; built in the 1830’s and serving as a retreat for wealthy families such as the Vanderbilt family, Outerbridge family, and the Van Duzer family. As a historic neighborhood, the streets of Stapleton are adorned with a combination of vast Victorian homes and industrial buildings that symbolize Stapleton’s once thriving commercial history.

The rich history of Stapleton’s past is about to be brought back to life as plans to transform acres of neglected waterfront into a thriving, vibrant community are set into motion. Ever since the Stapleton Homeport (a U.S. Naval Base) was decommissioned in 1995, the area has gone undeveloped and the community has been cut off from all waterfront views and access. Times are about to change, however, as the New Stapleton Waterfront Development Plan is set into motion. Read on to find out about what is in store for this North Shore neighborhood, and how potential home buyers can get a piece of prime Staten Island real estate in this up-and-coming area.

The Plan

A new housing development, a public esplanade, and other public features including pedestrian pathways, improved transportation and a public boat launching site are all part of the New Stapleton Waterfront Development Plan, which aims to bring new life to the Stapleton waterfront. The Homeport will soon become the site of a new, multi-use, residential community, retail space, and mile-long esplanade.

The first phase of the development includes the transformation of seven acres of unused waterfront space into rental housing and retail stores. Approximately 900 brand new residential housing units will be accompanied by 30,000 square feet of ground floor retail, 600 parking spaces and a public plaza. Named Urban Ready Living (URL), the residential units and retail space is being developed by Ironstate Developing Company (with the help of Dutch design firm Concrete), and may be ready for occupancy as early as next year.

In order to encourage a sense of community and provide a much-needed access to the Stapleton waterfront, the City has also planned much needed road improvements and construction, along with the creation of a waterfront esplanade. The space will include walking paths, public lawns, and launching access along the historic Stapleton community.

Urban Ready Living

Urban Ready Living is part of a new housing concept that goes beyond square footage and focuses on creating a unique living experience for its residents. This concept covers every aspect of what you look for in a living space: from practical design solutions and layouts that will enhance and maximize living space, to practical and sustainable systems in place to make your lifestyle healthier, sustainable and community-driven.

One unique aspect of Urban Ready Living is the community aspect. URL buildings encourage the community interaction that many large residential buildings often times lack. Features such as open public spaces, community gardens, cafes and common areas encourage interaction among residents and are designed to foster a sense of community.

The perks

Location: The URL building and waterfront esplanade projects happen to be located within walking distance to the Stapleton stop on the Staten Island Railway, which puts it just minutes from St. George and the Staten Island Ferry terminal. Commuters are also a short distance from the Staten Island Expressway and the Verrazano Bridge. Even further, the city hopes that investing millions into public spaces and toward the creation of new roads and a mile-long esplanade will result in improved public transit and decreased traffic, making for a much better commute. The project is located right on the waterfront of the Upper New York Bay, providing great views towards the city.

Affordable housing: Aiming to appeal to young artists and entrepreneurs, the mixed-use waterfront community provides a variety of affordable housing options for Staten Island residents and commuters, including studio, one and two bedroom residential units that are adaptable to any taste or lifestyle. Unique features like built-in washer/dryer systems to an on-site café and free Wi-Fi, to bicycle storage and purified water “filling” stations appeal to those seeking practical, sustainable, 21st Century living.

Community: Beyond providing affordable rental apartments, the URL has been designed with functionality, comfort and community in mind. Offering a large central communal spaces and common areas such as a lobby café, gym, rooftop gardens, and terraces, residents have plenty of opportunities to meet, connect and create community.

Commitment to Sustainability: Part of the URL living experience is a commitment (by both the City and Ironstate Developing Company) to use responsible development and greening technologies. As a participant in the new Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design for Neighborhood Design (LEED-ND) certification program, the New Stapleton Waterfront development will save money and resources by promoting renewable, clean energy. The project will also have positive impact on the community, providing over one-thousand construction jobs and hundreds of permanent jobs that will add to the sustainable future of the neighborhood and borough.

As a Staten Island Realtor, I can’t think of a better way to revive a neighborhood than by drawing in young artists and professionals with modern, functional, sustainable and affordable housing like Urban Ready Living can provide. Combine these features with stunning views of the Manhattan skyline, Upper New York Bay and the towering Verrazano-Narrows Bridge, and you have a sought-after piece of New York City, right here on Staten Island’s North Shore!

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Thank you and have an extraordinary day!

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