When it comes to buying or selling a home on Staten Island, no two real estate transactions are ever the same. Just like every family, every home, and every situation is unique, so are the requirements and circumstances of each transaction. This fact alone, among many others, is why finding the right realtor is essential for any potential homebuyer or seller.

You’re probably thinking, “Of course, Holly, who doesn’t want to find the right realtor?” And you are right: no one sets out looking for the wrong realtor. Unfortunately, far too often I meet my clients who are weary and frustrated by the lack of communication or connection, while marketing and selling their Staten Island real estate.

For Example…

I just attended a home inspection for some clients of mine who were selling the home that they have lived in for over sixty years. As the original owners, not only did this elderly couple raise their three children there, but they also took great care to keep it in pristine condition. After six decades of making memories in the only home they have ever known together, the time had come for this couple to move on to other living arrangements.

I knew that my clients would need an experienced Staten Island real estate professional. One who would fully understand the emotional complexity involved in this sale, and would consider how their physical limitations and needs would impact the transaction.

Putting the Client First

When I was asked to represent the sellers, I was sure to make it known to them that I was more concerned about their well-being throughout the process than just “making a sale.” For example, at over 90 years old, the couple had significant physical limitations. It was not feasible for them to leave their home when there were showings. I assured the sellers that I would be there on showings, and make this real estate process pleasant and accommodating.

In the eyes of some realtors, this may seem like a small, insignificant issue. It is common practice that the sellers are not present when their home is shown to potential buyers, so why make an exception in this case? I believe that a good realtor will make your concerns their concerns.

I believe it is important to become personally connected and in-tune with your client’s needs; emotionally, physically and financially. A real estate transaction is more than just selling a piece of property. Yes, things like knowledge of the market and negotiating skills are all important qualities of a successful realtor, but even the brightest and sharpest individuals will fall short if they lack in communication skills, compassion and understanding.

A Bitter-Sweet Ending

After listening to their needs and concerns, I was able to show the home with the sellers present, and it couldn’t have worked out more perfect. The young couple who is currently under contract to purchase the home was absolutely charmed by the home-owners. What better way to learn about the details and features of the home then from the couple who enjoyed them over the past sixty years? What better way to appreciate what the home has to offer than to witness, first hand, the love and memories that have been present since it was built in 1956?

It was truly amazing to see the personal connection that was made between these two couples. The buyers are even more excited to move in, and the sellers are grateful to pass on their home to a family who will take good care of it.

Staten Island Real Estate Connection

I simply listened, understood and acted. Excited and a bit overwhelmed the sellers are looking forward to living out their years closer to family with many new opportunities ahead. If you are looking to buy or sell your home, make sure you find a realtor who is accessible, one who is willing to listen to your needs and concerns, and one who is willing to act in your best interests.

You’ve probably heard me say; “there are two kinds of Real Estate professionals: those who understand the emotional and financial complexity of selling and buying a home, and those who don’t.”

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