“We stumbled upon Holly’s services by blind luck, and it was the best thing that could’ve ever happened to us. We started as curious browsers for with modest expectations – we knew what we wanted wasn’t the norm in the market for where we wanted to be (small house, large lot, on the north shore). To our surprise, we found exactly what we wanted after just over a month of looking. Holly maneuvered us through the deal beautifully. She gently advised us when we seemed unsure, respectfully gave us her honest thoughts when we asked for her opinion, made outstanding recommendations for a home inspection agent and a real estate attorney, and welcomed our many, many questions with warmth and support. In a field that can feel very transactional and “all about the money,” Holly leads with heart AND confidence, I am so grateful we had the good fortune to navigate the home buying process with Holly, and I gladly give her my highest endorsement to anyone looking to buy or sell on Staten Island!”

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