St.George Theatre in Staten Island's North Shore.

On a recent walk down Hyatt Street past the magnificent St. George Theater, within the hub of St. George… near the soon to be completed new  Court House, one can’t help but notice the creative eateries in the area. How about having lunch at “Not Guilty Inc.“, or grabbing a bite at “The Gavel Grill“, stop by for a bite…you be the judge!


The Gavel & Grill in St.George On Staten Island's North Shore

Why not take the free ferry ride over to Staten Island, see and feel the changes and development in the area of revitalization. Within walking distance from the Ferry explore and tempt your palette with a diverse selection of restaurants. Find your lifestyle  in an area of  exciting transformation… be a part of Staten Island’s North Shore renaissance?

Not Guilty Inc. in St.George On Staten Island's North Shore.


Looking for a home on Staten Island’s North Shore or surrounding areas?  Having lived on Staten Island’s North Shore my entire life, seeing and feeling the excitement of whats to come… is sensational for New York City’s greenest borough!

Why not check out some Happy Clients.

There are two kinds of real estate professionals….those who understand the emotional and financial complexity of selling or buying a home…and those who don’t.

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