IMG_2814Growing up in a family business has not only given me the opportunity to acquire many skills, but it has also taught me some very important things about life. The lessons I have learned and the abilities I have developed have stayed with me, and I continue to apply them to my real estate career and life.

GOOD LISTENING SKILLS: So simple, yet so very important and often overlooked. I have learned that if you don’t truly listen and try to understand what others are saying, then many problems can arise down the road.

GRATITUDE: It is far too easy to take things for granted. Joy, hope and happiness stem from gratitude. The sooner we realize all we have to be thankful for, the better our days become, even in the midst of hardship. Life is too precious to be taken for granted.

PROBLEM SOLVING: Troubles will always arise, in both life and in a career. I have learned that solving problems and working through tough situations requires communication, confidence and compromise. These things are necessary to ensure that everyone involved feels comfortable with the outcome.

CONFIDENCE: Confidence isn’t just something that you “have” – a positive self image or a certain level of esteem. Confidence reflects the way you feel about yourself and your abilities, and can actually influence the way people interact with you. It is also something that takes time and experience to develop.  I have learned that sometimes you can only gain confidence the hard way—by taking risks or experiencing set-backs. Reacting to life’s challenges with resilience and strength can be a defining moment in your life. It is through our failures (not just our successes) that we gain true confidence.

PASSIONATE: Just like confidence, your drive and motivation can also have an effect on the people around you. If you are passionate about what you do, it is easy for others to be inspired by your enthusiasm. Everyone has unique interests, gifts and skills; why not pursue your own? Find something you’re passionate about and you’ll never “work” a day in your life! If you truly love what you do, those around you will feel your passion and will want to be a part of it!

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