Located in the Mid-Island region of Staten Island, Sunnyside is most famously known for its two parks: Clove Lakes Park and Silver Lake Park, that border on the west and east, respectively. The neighborhood is named for a boarding house that was established there in 1889, but was originally known as Clovenia or Clove Valley. Clove Road, which happens to be Sunnyside’s northern boundary, is also one of the island’s main thoroughfares. The southern boundary runs along the Staten Island Expressway. The neighborhoods of Grymes Hill, West Brighton, Castleton Corners and Grasmere border Sunnyside.
Sunnyside was once the home of the College of Staten Island campus, which was once located at the Michael Petrides Center. Now, the CSI campus is located at the former Willowbrook State School.

District 31 Offices

Located at 715 Ocean Terrace in Building A are the New York City Department of Education District 31 Offices. Staten Island’s District 31 is the only school district in the city to encompass an entire borough. Housed in this complex are the district superintendents’ offices, a family advocate (who is charged with responding to parent’s concerns), and a Community Education Council, which is an advisory panel who represents parents.

You can also find the office of the Committee on Special Education, available to answer most questions about special education, and the Family Welcome Center, who can answer questions regarding enrollment. See below for contact information:

District 31 office: 715 Ocean Terrace, Building A
Family advocate: (718) 420-5626
CEC – Community Education Council 31: (718) 420-5746 or
Committee on Special Education: (718) 420-5700
Family Welcome Center: (718) 935-2402

The RoadHouse


A local favorite located at 1400 Clove Road in Sunnyside, the RoadHouse is a family owned restaurant that offers Staten Island residents with delicious pizza, Italian food and great memories. The RoadHouse provides a cozy, rustic, family-style atmosphere that includes a stone fireplace, bar and flawless dining area.

A top-shelf bar, dining area, catering services, private dining, and take-out are available to restaurant patrons. Stop in and try their favorites, including the scrumptious Clam Pizza, Chicken Parmigiana w/ Baked Rigatoni, Escarole-n-Beans, or their signature Meatballs.

For more information, call 718-487-9491 or visit their website.

Clove Lakes Park

Clove Lakes Park | Holly's Staten Island Buzz Realty

Located along the borders of many Staten Island neighborhoods (including West Brighton, Sunnyside and Castleton Corners); Clove Lakes Park is one of the North Shore’s most popular public parks. Reaching from Forest Avenue to Victory Boulevard between Clove Road, Brookside Avenues and Royal Oak Road, Clove Lakes Park is rich in natural history; including a series of lakes and ponds, outcroppings of serpentine rocks and some of Staten Island’s largest living things, including a 300 year-old tulip tree. With miles of walking and running trails, several baseball diamonds, playgrounds, picnic areas, paddleboats, basketball courts, a football field and an outdoor ice skating rink, Clove Lakes Park offers a variety of activities for individuals and families.

Learn more, here.

PS 35


Located in Sunnyside at 60 Foote Avenue, PS 35 is also known as The Clove Valley School. A zoned public elementary school with approximately 375 students in grades K – 5, The Clove Valley School offers a wide range of school and family activities that align with their “Kids Come First” mission.

For more information, visit their website at

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