Happy Clients

Atmani : Grant City


Congratulations Atmani on buying your 1st home! Thrilled to be moving to Staten Island from Brooklyn, it was important to find a home near buses, shopping and schools for Atmani and his family.

This is what the happy client had to say after purchasing his first home:

Holly is fantastic. She has an intimate knowledge of the market and always gave great insights. She has an extensive network that really helped in multiple situations. Extremely responsive, attention to detail, and just overall very friendly and great to work with.

Pearl : Westerleigh


Pearl needed to prepare her daughter’s home for sale with a trusted resource who was willing to get the work done. Pearl lived off Staten Island and needed a Realtor whom she could trust to accomplish the tasks at hand. After touring her daughter’s home I advised Pearl what work needed to be done to effectively yield her the highest price. I explained how I would guide and help her through the entire process.

This is what the happy client had to say about her home selling experience:

Holly is an extremely professional Real Estate Agent. She went over and above during the entire process of readying the home for sale and after. There were no problems, only solutions. She was recommended highly to me and surpassed all hopes and expectations. I would highly recommend Holly Olivieri for all of your Real Estate needs in Staten Island. Pearl Safti and Susan Girschick

Susan: Sunset Hill


Targeting a particular investment property and listening closely to Susan and her family’s goals was accomplished by communicating regularly and explaining all their options moving forward.

This is what the happy clients had to say after purchasing their first investment property:

Holly has been a pleasure to work with. She is very professional, knowledgeable and has always been a phone call away. She listened to what we were looking for and delivered. I highly recommend Holly to friends and family, she has been our family’s Lucky Charm.

Gaz: Dongan Hills


Helping Gaz and his family purchase their first multi family investment property involved targeting their specific search criteria. Once the property was located and the family agreed on it, I begin to set a plan into action.

This is what the happy clients had to say about purchasing their first investment property:

Holly is a delight to work with. She is very knowledgeable about the area’s of Staten Island and always had us in mind. Through the entire process she kept us up to date and provided us with exceptional service. I look forward to working with Holly again.

Dina: Eltingville

Dina: Eltingville

Having worked with Dina on her last home sale, it was a pleasure to be helping Dina again. This time around she was looking to down size and already found a home to move into. A strategic plan of action was set into motion to market and sell her beautiful home so she may move into her new home in a specific time frame.

In between fostering dogs for Louie’s Legacy and preparing for her move this is what happy client Dina had to say about her home selling experience:

Selling your home can be very overwhelming. With all of Holly’s experience and knowledge of every aspect of real estate made this life change for me much easier! She made a point to be on top of every single detail that went into selling my home. She is always available for any questions and concerns I may have had! I would only ever recommend Holly for anyone’s real estate needs whether buying or selling your home.

Danielle, Bulls Head


Danielle was referred to me by a friend. She had marketed her family home previously with no avail, and was searching for a Realtor who would listen and understand her needs. Providing a strategic marketing plan, I set into motion a way to reach her goals and make the sale of her Staten Island home happen.

This is what the happy client Danielle had to say about her home selling experience:

Holly was such a pleasure to work with. She made the process of selling the house, fun, simple, convenient, and stress free. Not only is she excellent at what she does, as a highly qualified and knowledgable realtor, but she is intinsically a good person. I’m glad I’ve had the pleasure of listing with her and I highly recommend her.

Raf and Family, New Brighton


I have known Raf for years, ever since I helped him find his apartment. He had since married and was expecting his fourth child. Of course, I was more than willing to help him find the perfect home. But nothing puts more pressure on a realtor than a short time-frame, an expectant mother, and a family anxious to get into a new home.Even in the midst of a new home and a new baby, Raf was able to write me this beautiful review:

I am a first time home purchaser, and though I had very strict financial limits, Holly was happily willing to work with us until we found a property that fit my needs. She was not only able to provide us with the tools and guidance we needed to make an educated choice, but went out of her way to mediate between the various parties involved to secure us with a VERY desirable purchase price… moreover, throughout the very tedious loan approval process, she personally helped to promptly resolve issues that were undermining the possibility of overall success.

Looking back, she was more like a friend trying to help a friend, rather than just a broker trying to make a commission. Without her, I’m sure I would still be struggling to find a home, she truly helped improve the well-being of my family and I pray God will return the favor.


The Westerleigh Multi-Family Property


I featured a unique property for sale in the Westerleigh section of Staten Island. A Chamber of Commerce Building award-winner, the multi-family property was built by a renowned Staten Islander who was known for constructing superior buildings. Consisting of three two-family units, the property’s style, construction, recent renovations and perfect North Shore location made this property sought-after by many investors. It was under contract for ninety seven days, but finally, the group of siblings who inherited the building from their father were able to “close” on the property, handing over the keys to a new owner.

This is what the happy clients had to say about their home selling experience:

My family has used Holly Wiesner Olivieri repeatedly over the years to help market single and two family homes, find well qualified renters for commercial properties and in selling multi-family buildings. She has presented herself and represented her agency in a very professional capacity. She has proved to us more than once she was the right choice. She is able to “change hats” so to speak and market different properties with different interests in a way so that the whole process moves in a fluid and successful outcome for parties on both ends. Holly is a family friend, we could not endorse anyone any higher. She can and will see to it that all your concerns with regards to the marketing of real estate will be mettled out in the most professional positive way possible.

– The Lenza family, Lenza Properties,L.L.C

Jose & Florentina, Graniteville

Originally from Brooklyn, Jose and Florentina were looking to downsize from a large two-family house into a condominium. Being a retired couple, they wanted a space that did not require a lot of work, and wanted to be on Staten Island to be closer to family. Being unfamiliar with the area and not knowing anyone in the real estate business weighed heavily on their minds.

I ended up meeting Jose and Florentina through their niece, Lillian, who I met at an open house. Committed to helping her uncle find a home on Staten Island, Lillian was not only looking at potential homes for her uncle, but for realtors as well. After speaking with her, Lillian was confident in referring me to her uncle.

Thrilled they found the perfect home across the street from their niece, Lillian.

This is what the happy clients had to say about their home buying experience:

“Holly is a wonderful agent that showed much commitment and expertise to us during our buying process. Being a new resident to Staten island, her knowledge of the different neighborhoods helped us choose the right place for us. She was available 24/7, no matter what and was always willing to help us any way possible. She even helped us with excellent recommendations of different contractors to help us with issues in our new home after we closed. I would definitely recommend her to my family and friends and use her again if ever I had the need for a real estate agent. Working with her was a pleasure.”

Ray & Monica, New Dorp

Home Sold In New Dorp

After renting and seeing the opportunity to own a home…busy couple Ray & Monica were looking forward to making their move to Staten Island. We discussed their goals and needs in finding the home they envisioned. Communicating constantly with Monica by text and email and keeping her updated on the ever changing inventory of homes on Staten Island was critical in finding the right home.

Happily they found the perfect home and looking forward to the arrival of their first baby!

This is what the happy clients had to say about their first home buying experience:

Holly was such a pleasure to work with! She really helped me and my husband in the long stressful process of buying our first home. She’s a real professional-she was always available to set up appointments for house viewings and to answer all our questions which really put us at ease in this stressful process.

She also has a great network of contacts that we used which were just as proficient and professional as she is. I would definitely recommend Holly to anyone looking for a friendly professional hard working agent who gets the job done and really works for the best interest of the client”.